EuroSkin revolutionizes medical cosmetics from its roots in Barcelona, Spain, the famous cradle of aesthetic medicine and home to the most prestigious international laboratories. Our brand stands out mainly for offering higher concentrations of active ingredients in its formulas patented by chemical engineers, specialized in offering the best possible combination of active ingredients. We innovate with safety, versatility and high technology, backed by the best and highest certificates of European quality, precision and biological safety.

We are constantly researching and innovating, so our offer promises real results for both an aesthetic and medical market. High-performance products clearly differentiate us from other brands, with immediate adaptability to new global needs and trends. We want to transform the aesthetic world with sterile, safe solutions that achieve the full satisfaction of the professional and their patient/client, we long for a completely satisfied consumer, who values health, beauty and well-being, through an excellent price-quality ratio and service.

Our company is led by Master Rebecca Cortés, Costa Rican, a professional with more than 15 years in the business of aesthetic medicine, appliances and an expert in combining invasive and non-invasive protocols. She is accompanied by professionals around the world with vast experience in the medical-aesthetic market, who comprehensively support the processes for excellent care, finding the best medical solutions tailored to the patient/client. In addition, we have our Training Director, Dr. Claudia Henao, from Colombia, with more than 35 years of experience in medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. Known worldwide, we work comprehensively to train the professional in aesthetics.

We will continue working with dedication and effort to offer the best combination of products and services; through our distributors committed to our policies of quality, safety and results. Thus, making our customers feel confident and safe about our products.


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